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Welcome to Brad Johnson’s Official Web site! This page is dedicated to the fans, please email Brad Johnson a question.  We read every comment we receive from the fans, but sometimes it is difficult to answer them all.  We do appreciate of questions and comments and the time you take to make them.

If your question is selected Brad will respond by posting it on this site. Brad Johnson’s “Q & A” will be updated with new questions monthly. Please post questions to questions@bradjohnson14.com.

Q & A with Brad & Comments from the Fans (updated October 14th, 2008)

Brad………..i wish you all the luck in the world.  (taking over for romo)

A Minnesota viking fan……….i miss watching you playing quarterback.

Gary Polikowsky

Rochester, MN.

Thanks Gary!


I have to imagine your (Brad Johnson) last year in MN wasn't your favorite, and as a Vikings fan from young childhood, the fact that you were boo'd off the field sickens me. Since I have a desire to maintain a kinship with my fellow Vikings fans and the awareness that you're the best QB the Vikings have seen since Fran, I see the boo's as a sign of the fans' displeasure with the lack of offensive production and not pointed at you. I suppose i should ask a question...Do you still have love for MN?

Dan, thanks for the note. Of course I still have love for Minnesota! It's where I got my start and had great success. I was thrilled to be able to play there a second time. Minnesota and the Vikings will always be special to me.

Dear Brad,
We are in need of a strong 4th basketball player who can "Play with Passion" for our team playing in the newly created 4 on 4 Black Mountain Mens Basketball league. We are trying to round out the team that will be playing at the Primary School on Monday nights, and am not sure where to turn. The other teams are stocking up with ringers, and we really could use one more solid player with an inside/outside game who can grab rebounds and hit a tough shot with the game on the line. If you don't think you can make it, I would like to request your permission to hold on honorary spot on our roster? This would at least keep the other teams off balance thinking that they will have to accomodate for the Florida State basketball standout turned full time quarterback.

BTW, I am a fellow Owen High School graduate and just moved back to the Black Mountain area after many years away. You were in my PE class your senior year in high school. I remember you jumping rope the entire 6th period on many days (I don't remember you missing a skip). Yes, I also remember you singing at the end of the school day on the intercom. For a singer, you sure were a good football player! I definately remember the best hit of your career that YOU delivered on the a punt returner where you saved a touchdown...to this day, one of the best hits I have ever seen. I was a freshman at the time, and I would come down and congratulate you after Owen games at the fence. Some in my family thought you should've chosen basketball as sport. I saw most of those games too. If I remember correctly, at the Blue/White game at the civic center you scored 10 unselfish points. Most importantly, you were always compassionate and uplifting to the folks around you, including me. I have pulled for you throughout your career and proud that you are from my hometown area. By the way, I heard that John Lynch and you had a debate on who has the best hometown. As far as I am concerned, it is no contest.

Back to the issue at hand. We do need you for the team. If not, I am having trouble locating folks from our era who can still play and help us win . If you have any recommendations please let me know. We have 4 weeks to add roster spots. It would be fantastic if you could participate.


P.S. Please tell your mom my sister Bonita says hello.

David, I am excited to be on the team. I'm not sure if I was unselfish at the Blue/White game or if my teammates just froze me out! I wrote a school paper about "BEEF", Bend-Elbow-Extend-Follow Thru, so you know I love basketball. I can hit a clutch shot but my goal is to blow the other team out so it does not come to that. Let me know how "our" team is doing later this year, thanks!

Brad, what was your first season with the Cowboys like? As a longtime fan who loves watching you play because you are accurate and complete a lot of your passes, it was a little tough this season knowing you wouldn't be quarterbacking much because of the success Tony Romo had. You were awesome holding on extra points and field goals though and when you got some playing time in the season finale in Washington, you did a nice job on a miserable looking day against a red-hot team. I often told my brother if the Vikings still had you at quarterback with the solid ground game and defense, we just might have gotten into the playoffs. I wish you all the best and hope you keep playing for a few more seasons. I have really enjoyed following your career.

Paul Boyd

Rockford, IL

Thanks Paul for all the kind words. Being with the Cowboys was great. It's obviously a very storied franchise and I really enjoyed working with the coaching staff and Tony.

Brad, It was a real pleasure running into you and your family at the theater recently. Thank you for taking the time out to meet us. My son (Brad Johnson) hasn't stopped talking about it since. You really made a great impression on him. Thank You. You're a classy guy. We wish you and your family the best.

P. S. My son is still hopeful that the Cowboys will make your Jersey available to the public. He'll be first in line.

Good luck to you and God Bless,

J. Johnson


Q: Brad, As a British supporter of the Dallas Cowboys, I'm delighted that you've signed for my team – I've been a big fan of yours ever since you came over and led the London Monarchs to success in the first World Bowl. I was impressed at the standard of your play and professionalism for the Monarchs and delighted for you when that continued into the NFL.

A few questions – did you enjoy the World League experience and playing for the Monarchs? What did you think of the fans and how the league was set up and then disbanded, and do you think the NFL's attempt to play a regular season game in the UK is 10 years too late?

And one final question – how did you actually come to catch your own touchdown pass? I've never seen the play – how did it happen?

Best wishes,


Scott, wow, glad to hear I have some fans in London.  I certainly did enjoy the London experience, it was a great way to see the world and get some very important game experience.  I think it's great the NFL is getting back there this fall.  As for the TD pass to myself, it was a batted ball and I was thinking more about preventing the INT than catching a TD, it worked out all right though.

Q: Hi Brad, I was saddened that you will no longer be a Minnesota Viking; as I see that many people Minnesota have written the same sentiments. I do want to congratulate you on your choice to go to the Cowboys. You will be a great asset to the team with your talent and leadership qualities. My father (Leonard) has been a devoted fan of yours since you were a 3 string QB in Minnesota. He has followed you through your career as a Redskin, Buccaneer, Viking, and will now probably be a Cowboy Fan. I had hoped to get your autograph to add along with Joey Browner, Jim Marshal, Ben Leiber - They signed at a Viking Fan day in Rochester, MN. last Summer. (This was a gift for his 85th Birthday on July 3, 2006.) I will always be a great admirer of you as well no matter where you because I am impressed with the role model qualities that you posse , and your genuine personality.

My question is: When you feel that you are ready to quite playing the game will you pursue a coaching position for football?

I also want to send greetings from a friend I work with in DD Waiver Service-
who plays for the Rochester Giants team-LeMar.

God Bless You and your family!

A friend,

Karen J Erickson

A: Karen, thanks for the kind words.  I want to coach when I'm done, but most likely for basketball.  If I do coach, it will probably be at the high school level or younger so I do not have to be away from my family too much.

Hey Brad, congratulations on being a Cowboy I want you to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl for the 6th time. I been a Cowboy fan since I was little so please I want to see Dallas with that trophy in their hands good luck and god bless you and the Cowboys.

- Renee Walton

Brad, I have followed your career closely since I learned that you were born and raised in Black Mountain. I'm from Taylorsville, just down I-40 in the foothills. I've eaten at Wendy's in Black Mountain and have looked your jersey displayed there quite a few times. I'm always impressed when a local boy makes it to the big time. I have been a Cowboy fan for 40 years and was delighted when you signed with them. Best of luck to you and the team this season,

- John Wilson

Q: Hey Brad, I am 13 years old and I really want to play in the NFL some day, what would you say to that? When you were 13 did you think you would be playing in the NFL for 12 years?

Future Star,


A: Grant, actually at your age, I thought I would be in the NBA, but I'm glad football worked out.  Best of luck to you.

Brad, First, let me say congratulations on your signing with the Dallas Cowboys. I had high hopes, as I'm sure many Tampa fans, that there was the possibility that you were coming back to Tampa. Unfortunately this did not come true. Fans will always be able to wear a #14 jersey in Tampa even if you play for another team. You may have grown up in North Carolina, gone to college in Talahassee and played for the cowboys/minnosota, but you'll always be a BUCCANEER. Thanks for the Super Bowl memories. I hope you have great success in Dallas, with or without T.O.

Buc Fan


Q: Hey Brad,  I'm glad to see you in a Dallas uniform.  I have always been a Dallas fan, and a Brad Johnson fan.  I'm glad to see both of you together now.  I went to a Dallas game last year and I hope to see you soon at Dallas.  Congratulations and good luck.  Tim Harris

A: Thanks Tim, I'll keep an eye for you at Texas Stadium this season.

Q: Brad, you were the only reason I had any interest in the Vikings at all. I love to watch you play. I`ll be 60 years old this summer so I`ve followed you since you were the third string QB for the Vikes. After you left I followed you to Washington and then Tampa. You proved to everyone that you are one of the best QBs of all time. You got a raw deal here in Minnesota. I think the biggest problem was that you knew more then the head coach. The man is a control freak. I hate to see you go but its better for you to get to go to a real team with real coaches. As of now, the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team. I loved it when you showed everyone up and won the Super Bowl at Tampa. Good luck Brad, you will be missed here in Minnesota.
Ron C.

A: Thanks Ron, I'm going to miss Minnesota too but it's good to hear you'll be supporting the Cowboys.


Q: Hey Brad!! Welcome to Texas!!!! It's the best place in the world! I am a huge fan of yours & think your a great quaterback!!! I am also a HUGE Cowboys fan & I am so excited that you're going to be on the team.  I think that the team is really lucky to get you and think that you need to be our starting guy!  Good Luck & I wish you nothing but the best!! You're going to have a great time here in Texas!!! It is the only place that will back you up no matter what happens, once you are here you won't believe the love of football that Texans have!


God Bless Texas!!!!

        ~Krista Morris, Austin, TX


A: Krista I've always heard how great Cowboy fans were, but now I'm starting to see it firsthand. I'm excited to be a Cowboy.


Q: Good Morning, Mr. Johnson. Our family has avidly cheered for the Vikings since the heady days of the Purple People Eaters. We've watched your career with admiration and it was with no small amount of disappoint to learn of your separation with them. You were a wonderful leader for the team and we'll miss you in our community. We hope you are received well in Dallas and that the Cowboy organization treats you with the respect you deserve.

Best wishes to you and your family,   


Pamela Niska

Edina, MN

A: Pamela, thanks for the kind words – fans like you are why I'll always have great memories of my time with the Vikings.

Brad, I have to say as a life long Dallas fan in the DC area it was pretty sweet watching you get on the bus after beating the Skins last year wearing your old skins jersey.  Keep that sense of gotcha alive and well.

Michael Irving

Washington, D.C.

Q: Brad, Welcome to the Cowboys! I hope you can share your wealth of experience with Tony Romo. If he ends up having a consistent career like you have had, all of us Cowboy fans will be very happy.

Steve Nelson

Fairport, NY

A: Thanks Steve - I'm quickly learning there are Cowboy fans everywhere.  It's great to be a part of America's Team.

Q: I have been a cowboy fan i am glad you signed with Dallas  i have a question have you ever been the holder for the kicker? hope you have a wonderful season helping the team and tony romo with your leadership qualities and your experience.do  your kids play any sports?


your friend roy brown from snyder texas

A: Roy, I did hold in Minnesota as recently as 2005.  As for my boys, they're both pretty young but they're starting to throw the ball pretty good.

Q: Hi Brad, I've been a Cowboys fan all my life. As soon as I found out you were going to be available, I rooted for you in Dallas. I've always admired the way you handle yourself on the field; poise, class, and sportsmanship. I was thrilled when I heard of your deal in Dallas. I like the thought of having your leadership and experience in our locker room. Romo is a lucky guy to have you as his backup. I know you'll do a great job.

Welcome to Dallas!


A: Thanks Casey - I'm really excited to be a part of "America's Team".  Go Cowboys!

Q: Brad, You have always been a class act.  I feel you have gotten a raw deal everywhere you have ended up but never complained.   You are they type of professional athlete I as a father can point to for his sons to emulate.  There are far too few athletes today with your high level of character.

Good luck,

Scott Everson

Hudson , Wis – A Viking fan in Packer country.

A: Thanks Scott - all the best to you and your boys.

Q: Dear Brad, You will be very much missed by the Minnesota Vikings fans! Your departure is Minnesota's great loss. We were so fortunate to have you back on our team for the past couple of seasons and would have loved to see you complete your career here, among the many fans who appreciate you. My family and I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to watch the team prepare at the last training camp in Mankato and my children were thrilled to see you at practice. Our sons (ages 7 and 11) always draft you as their top quarterback on their "Madden 06" game---you are truly a quality role model for them.

We sincerely wish you and your family the best of luck in your future.
Laura Wagner

Lakeville, MN

A: Laura, thanks for those kind words.  Hopefully I can still lead your sons' teams to a few Madden victories.

Q: Brad, Thanks for the talent and class you demonstrated as a Minnesota Viking. We haven't had enough of either around here for quite some time. Best wishes in whatever the future holds for you and your family. Steve Pilger Northfield, MN

A: Thanks Steve, fans like you are why I always loved being a Viking.

Q: Hey Brad, First of all I want to say I loved watching you win a super bowl for the Bucs and I loved it when you went to Minnesota and gave them new life.

Since you have become available on the free agent market, has Tampa contacted you and would you be interested?

I would love to see you come back here and show some of your wisdom and experience to Simms and Gradkowski. You are a great leader and very careful with the football and lord knows we could use some of that....


Jerry and Michelle
Port Richey Florida

A: Jerry & Michelle, glad you enjoyed the Super Bowl, I know I did!  I don't know where I will end up next, but it's good to know I have great fan like you guys in Tampa.

Q: Brad, I thank God for you!  You are a godly man of great class, stamina, and character!  It was a difficult day for you and for me to hear the stadium disappointed.  Know that you really have come through for us last year and this year.  Your career as a quarterback is stellar!  You calling as a husband, father, and Christian leave a deep and long legacy in which Jesus will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"  My question to you is when you discern it is time to leave the playing field professionally, what do you think God may be enfolding and calling you to do next?  I'm curious.  Peace, encouragement, and kudos in Christ,  Pastor Tom Pietz


A: Pastor Tom, I'm not sure about my future, but it's always good to hear from people like you.

Q: Brad, you are a great talent...it's unfortunate the way things played out last week. You deserve better than that.  Take Care...and I pray you and your family have a Merry Christmas!


Eric Stockstill

Tallahassee, FL

A: Thanks Eric. Hope you and your family had a great Christmas. Happy New Year.

Q: Dear Brad,

I am a soldier who just came home from Iraq, I got the pleasure to go to the Vikings game this past Sunday, December 17th Vs. The Jets. I was appalled by the fans who booed you! I was actually quite upset with it. I know that you are like me and give 100% every time and always will as long as you wear the uniform. My question for you is now that Coach has decided to start Jackson, Will you be there to help him out? And would you consider being back in Minnesota next year to help mold Jackson into a fine young Quarterback. I just wanted to say Thanks for all your hard work, and please keep setting an great example for the youth of America.


SGT Steven Lemke

415th M.P. Co.


A: Steven, thank you so much your kind words but thank you even more for what you and your fellow soldiers do for our country. You are the nation's true heroes. Tarvaris is a really talented QB and I want to help him any way I can.

From Laura in Tampa:

Q: Hello Mr. Johnson,

I just want to say that a lot of people in Tampa miss you, I think you are a great example of what hard work and discipline can accomplish. I think that it is great that coach Childress has the confidence in starting you this year,  Your are a hard worker, you keep a cool head and an example off the field.  Sometime I think that the average fan does not understand or appreciate the importance of the offensive line, after all, a quarterback cannot move the ball when they are running for their life or are flat on their back.  I know when you were in Tampa, and our offensive line was doing their job, you gave them credit, (and plasma TV's if I remember correctly).  Anyway I have always felt that the reason for your success is due to your work ethic, your values and study of the game.
After you retire as a quarterback, have you given any thought on becoming a coach?  You have a lot to share and I think you would be great!

Thank you for listening, and keep up the good work!

Laura Burchfield

Tampa Florida

A: Laura, always good to hear from a Tampa fan, Super Bowl XXXVII will always be one of my favorite moments.  Thank you for all of your kind words.  As for my post playing days, who knows, I'm just trying to win the next game but I do appreciate having great fans like you.

From Debbie in Virgina:

Q: Hi Brad. I don't really have a question. I just wanted to welcome you back to Minnesota.

I live in Virginia. When you left the Vikes to go to Washington, I went to the game in Washington.

I was born in Minnesota, and I am a die hard Vikings fan. I am so glad to see you back in Minnesota. You made a great career for yourself.

If I had a question for you, it would be, can you take the Vikes to the Super Bowl?

Whatever you do, I will follow. I did not and will not leave the Vikings. But I really loved seeing you come back. I know if there is anyone out there that can take the Vikes to the BIG GAME it is you.

Have confidence in yourself, as I know you can do it. PASS THAT BALL!!!!!!

You are the only 1 to catch your own pass for a touch down!!!! You are it Brad!!!! You have great players around you. Use them for another ring. You deserve it and so does Minnesota.

Just know that I will always pray for you.


Your biggest fan,


A: Debbie, thanks for the prayers...those are always helpful.  Thanks also for coming out to a Redskins game.  The nice thing about playing for three different teams is being able to meet fans from all over the country.  I think we do have a shot this year to go to the Super Bowl, especially with fans like you!

From longtime Vikings fan Jim:

Brad, You are a QB stud and carry yourself with a lot of class. I surely hope you get a raise before the Vikes front office loses you. You shoulda never been traded from the Vikes in the first place. In my opinion you are the best QB we've had since Joe Kapp. That includes Fran and Daunte, don't even mention the others.

I'm a retired military vet, so I know what it's like to be unappreciated by the masses.  Now I'll be a selfish fan; I certainly hope you stay with the team. I just hope management recognizes your value.

Tear 'em up!!


A: Jim, thanks the kind words, those were some pretty big compliments.  And thank you for serving our country, you're right our vets don't get the appreciation they deserve.

From Cody:

Q: First off I wanted to wish you a Happy 38th Birthday and congratulate you on winning a very exciting game Monday! I am curious if anyone on the team told you that their early birthday present to you would be a win against the Redskins on Monday Night Football.

Secondly, I was wondering how close you think you are to being considered a Hall of Fame Quarterback, and if you think there is something else you feel like you need to accomplish to be considered one of the best QBs to ever play the game.

Thirdly, I also wanted to know how satisfying for you was that win last night because of the way that no one wanted you as a starter after your stay in Tampa ended, saying you were too old and washed up, and how the Redskins gave up on you after two seasons.
I wanted to let you know too that I really enjoy watching you play, particularly your fiery post touchdown celebrations. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and I look forward to watching you QB the Vikings to many more wins in the future!

Cody Harbaugh

A: Cody, thanks for remembering my birthday, that means a lot.  Yep, a few of the guys did mention the early birthday present, when you turn 38 in an NFL locker room, the guys are definitely going to remind you!  I don't worry about the Hall of Fame, that's up the writers - I just keep trying to win us games and all that stuff takes care if itself.  That Redskin win was very satisfying, but mostly because it was the season opener and on the road.  Any time you can win on the road in this league, you take it.

From Jan & Donna Potter - Tangerine, FL...

Q: Did I just see you throw a football through a basketball hoop from the opposite end of the court and not only make it but get "nothing but net?"  We are so happy and excited for you as I'm sure Coach Bowden and many Seminoles are!  You spoke at a booster meeting (FSU) a few years ago at The Mission Inn in Howey in the Hills.  It is SO exciting to watch you on Sundays!!!  I also recently saw an interview you did and you came across so GREAT!  I could tell that the guys doing the interview were very impressed... keep up the good work!!!

A: Jan & Donna, thanks a lot.  I did actually make that shot...I knew sooner or later my basketball & football skills would meet up.  Go 'Noles!

From Viking Fan Tim Louters...

Q: First off, I just want to thank you for saving the Vikings season this year with your uncanny ability to win games and never make mistakes and lord willing you'll keep the starting job for next year.  I just wanted to know how it felt to spark this turnaround by yourself because we all know it was you.  Also wondering how you choose the facemask that you did and why it's pretty much the sweetest one I've ever seen.

A: Hey Tim, thanks for the kind words, but it certainly wasn't all me. The O-Line, running backs and receiving corps all stepped up and played really well and of course our defense was really tough too.  As for the facemask, I'm pretty particular about my equipment, when I found one I liked, I stuck with it.

From a fan Down Under...

Q: Did you know that they're is an Australian Rules footballer playing professionally in Australia with the same name as yours?  He plays for the Western Bulldogs and has won the clubs Best and Fairest award as well as making the All Australian team multiple times (a representative team of the best players in the league for the season).  He has played 250 games (quite rare) and looks like he will become a 300+ gamer which only 40 odd others have done in over 110 years of football. - Michael George - Melbourne, Australia

A: Thanks for the heads up Michael.  I didn't know that.  He sounds like one heck of a player - glad to hear he's doing good work for the Brad Johnson name.  Aussie Rules Football is a great sport but maybe too a bit too violent for me. 

From Britton Holley - Age: 14

Hi there!!! Well I think that I have a few questions, I wrote before, ok for starters:

Q: How come you picked Florida State (the best college in the world) rather than Wake Forest since you had lived there any ways?

A: FSU wanted me, and I really wanted to play for Coach Bowden

Q: Do you see good things for the Bucs this year?

A: I am excited about the season.  We have some young players that need to step up, and I know they will.


Q: I watched the preseason game how do you like Michael Vick?

A: I don't know him much personally, but Mike is a very athletic player and Atlanta will rely on him a lot this year. 

Q: When were you first interested in football?

A : I've always been interested in football, but I loved basketball growing up.  It took a while before football became my favorite sport.

Q: If you could go back to basketball would you?

A: A basketball career would have been great, but football has turned out great for me. 

Q: What inspired you to write your book?

A: I have wanted to write a book, and this one can be read to my two sons, which is great!  I hope you have your copy!

Q: Would you have changed anything in your career that you think you did wrong and do it over again ?

A: I would not change anything related to my career.  There have been some ups and downs, but being able to win the Super Bowl, play in 2 Pro Bowls, and to meet some great people along the way has been a blessing.  No regrets...  Thanks for writing...

From 5 different fans

Q: Brad, I recently bought a copy of your new children's book Play with Passion.   I love the book and so do my kids, but what do your kids think of it? - PJ

A: Glad you liked the book, PJ. My two boys like it, too. They are too young to read yet but my wife and I have read it to them.



Q: Which teammates do you get along with best? - Billy M.

A: All of them, but especially the ones who make the tough catches on a bad throw!



Q: Brad, when you go up against a great QB like Brett Favre, how do you see him?  How do you prepare yourself to compete against somewhat like Brett Favre? - David

A: Well David, Brett is a great quarterback and a great friend. But I compete against him the same as everyone else. The goal is to lead your team to the win, regardless of who is on the other sideline.



Q: What do you do to get ready for training camp? - Jeff

A: Great questions Jeff!  Well, I work out all year. But right before training camp, I am actually relaxing and enjoying time with my family and friends.



Q: Where is the Bucs training camp? - Ricky

A: At Disney! You can visit us and Mickey at the same time…


Dear Brad Johnson,

You are one of my most favorite Buccaneers. I am not asking you for an appearance or anything but just an interview. PLEASE IT'S FOR A GRADE. I am making a Buccaneers magazine and thought of you first! I have to interview a pro on the topic and I know you are and you are a PRO BOWLER!!!! If it isn't too much please read these following questions and please get back to me. Thank you Brad.



1. Q: What was the climax of your football career?

    A: Winning the Super Bowl, and being able to share the feeling with my wife and son.

2. Q: How did you feel when you were signed to Tampa Bay?

    A: I was excited to come back to Florida, where I played in college for Florida State University.

3. Q: Besides football what other sport do you like?

    A: Basketball was my favorite sport growing up, and I like to compete in tennis, pool, golf and  


4. Q: How was your experience at the 2002 Pro Bowl in Hawaii?

    A: Hawaii is beautiful. I enjoyed the experience and hope to get back again.

5. Q: How did it feel to defeat the Eagles in Philadelphia to win Tampa their first NFC

        Championship title?

    A: It felt great.  It was the Bucs first road win ever in the Playoffs and people could not say that

       we could not win in the cold weather anymore.

6. Q: How did it feel to beat Oakland for the Super Bowl title?

    A: It was the best feeling. I've always watched someone else win it.  I even slept in my jersey that


7. Q: How did you like playing for the Florida State Seminoles?

    A: FSU was a great experience.  I still have good friends that I met there.

8. Q: Who is you favorite former football player and why?

    A: There are so many, I really could not pick just one. But your best teammates are guys that you

        can trust, play with a passion, and put the team first.

9. Q: Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now?

    A: Hopefully, still playing football. I'll either be throwing to Bucs wide receivers or to my two


10. Q: How does Coach Gruden get you excited for the upcoming play?

      A: Coach Gruden coaches with energy and passion, you can't help but get excited because he

          always is fired up.


Q: When the time comes (several years down the road, of course, or in football language, several yards down the field) for retirement from "playing" football, do you think you would be interested in coaching at any level, and, if so, would you want to coach football or basketball?
I'm a big fan of yours and love to watch you play football, but I also admire the fact that you are such a really good person.  I'm thrilled that you are playing for Tampa Bay, closer to your "adopted" home of Tallahassee.  Here's hoping a "repeat" for the Buccaneers and Brad Johnson!

- Betty

A: Betty,

Great question.  I will be interested in coaching, probably at the high school level or younger.  Coaching basketball would be great.  I would also have an interest in helping young quarterbacks to develop.  Thanks for the kind words, I guess they taught me well at FSU!

- Brad Johnson


Q: Brad,
OK, all I want to know is:  What is Pop-A-Shot?

- Lisa

A: Pop-a-shot is only one of the greatest games ever invented.  It's a mini-basketball game where you try to make as many shots as you can in 30 seconds.  You can usually find them at arcades or some sports bars.  PS- Thanks for making a great phone, my Verizon cell phone is irreplaceable!

- Brad Johnson



Brad Johnson Off Season Q & A

  1. Q: What was your best experience in the off-season related to the Super Bowl?
    A: Being honored in a parade in Black Mountain, North Carolina where I grew up. They named the football field after me.
  2. Q: What was your best experience this off-season not related to the Super Bowl?
    A: The best overall experience was the birth of my second son, Jake, on April 1. Nothing compares to that.
  3. Q: What was it like to win the NFL QB Challenge?
    A: I pulled a Larry Bird, I walked in and said, “you all are playing for second place”. Thankfully, it worked out that way. It’s a fun time with a great group of guys.
  4. Q: Is it true that you claim to hold 8 city records in Pop a Shot?
    A: Yes. There’s a guy named CC from Orlando who held Pop a Shot records in Guiness, I couldn’t beat him. But I’m pretty tough to beat.
  5. Q: What are you looking forward to this season?
    A: Football is what I love to do. I miss it and look forward to getting back into it. We hope to do as well as we did last year. We’ll see what happens.